Privacy policy


This Privacy Policy has been created by Energaia Operations Singapore Pte. Ltd. (‘EnerGaia’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) for the purpose of protection and maintaining the privacy of users of our website (the Website), by notifying users of what kind of information we will collect during your visit to the Website. Please note that users of the Website must be at least 20 years of age to use the Website.

  1. Information Collected from Website
    1. IP Address. When visiting the website, the IP address of the users computer or device is the numerical address of the computer or device in the case of misuse or unlawful actions related to access or use of website. Further, the IP address is used to derive the location (city level).
    2. The type of device used, such as: computer or mobile device that can access the internet.
    3. The type of web browser used e.g. google chrome, internet explorer.
    4. Personal information, so that your order on the website can be processed we request that you provide personal information which can identify you and the delivery area. We will accept and store all the information entered on the website or app.
      1. Information registration forms including but not limited to: name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
      2. Form ordering information including, but not limited to: credit card number, expiration date and billing address.
      3. Delivery information including but not limited to: name, address, phone number and special delivery instruction.
      4. Customer information, including but not limited to: products, quantity of order.
      5. Other customer information, including but not limited to: completed online forms, surveys and any information provided in such communication may be collected as personal information.
  1. How to use your personal information
    1. We use your Personal Information for such purposes as responding to your requests, processing and filling customer orders, verifying your qualifications for certain products and services, billing, improving. our services, providing an enhanced and more personalized shopping experience However, if you wish to “opt out” from this feature, please see Section 10 of this Privacy Policy.
    2. We may collect, gather, record, save, store, write, categorize, classify, group, sort, copy, duplicate, access, read, use, and analyse your Personal Information and may to, transfer, provide, and share your personal information to third parties to the extent necessary, for example, we may use a third party supplier for certain goods, outside of the shipping orders, and we will use the credit card for companies and goods.
  1. Sharing Personal Information
    1. In addition to the objectives in section 2, we may share demographic information for our partners as well as various advertising agencies. This is general information that is not able to identify the customer. Sharing this type of information with third parties is for your service and we will only share information when the third-party is related to the operation in that area.
  1. Data Controller
    1. The information for which EnerGaia is the data controller, EnerGaia shall control the master data you have entered in connection with your creation of registration for newsletters e.g. name. Furthermore, EnerGaia will be there controller of the information which is protected and appropriately disclosed to other services.
    2. This website has links to other websites. Please note that in clicking that link, you will be directed to other websites that may have different privacy policies and procedures and we encourage you to read them.
  1. Data Processing
    1. EnerGaia uses external agencies in technical operation of the website which the agency in relation to personal information process data in relation to the order. Accepting the terms and conditions in this section means allowing EnerGaia to give that order and personal information to the data processor. The data processor will perform any actions as set by EnerGaia only.
    2. The data processor has provided technical safeguards and internal protection measures as necessary to prevent accidental data destruction, lost or damaged data, and preventing data leakage to unauthorised persons. If data is used incorrectly or for other means than provided for is a violation of the personal data processing rules.
  1. Data security assessment
    1. EnerGaia will use commercially reasonable efforts to control the level of security in keeping data, including personal information, by taking appropriate measures. In addition, EnerGaia also monitors the efficiency of the data treatment system, to regularly detect bugs and attacks. However, because the internet environment is not 100% secure, EnerGaia cannot guarantee the security of all data transmitted to us.
  1. Cookies

By using our website, you accept that we use cookies as described as follows

  1. Cookies are small data units that the website sends information to the computer hard disk or smartphone. The cookie collects all the information that the website uses to enhance the communication between you and the web browser you use. Cookies cannot identify your personal identity but can specify your computer or device.
  2. There are two types of cookies: temporary cookies and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies are sets of small data units that will be temporarily stored which will be deleted once you leave that browser. The persistent cookie will be stored longer on the computer or device until it is delated. The persistent cookie will delete the data itself after being stored for a period of time, but the information will be retrieved every time you visit the website again. This website uses both types of cookies.
  3. The purpose of our cookies is for:
    1. Statistical objectives: measuring the website traffic e.g. number of visits on the Website, which domains visitors come from, which pages the visitors visit on the website and in which overall demographic the visitors are located.
    2. Improve functionality of website: which includes remembering your information when you return to the website.
    3. Connect with social media: we allow you to connect to our various social media platforms.
    4. Targeted advertising: specific advertisements on the website which we believe you will find interesting.
  4. Our website uses cookies from the following third parties:
    1. Google analytics: for statistical purposes.
    2. Mixpanel for statistical purposes.
    3. Facebook: set by Facebook only if you interact with the Facebook plug in or are already logged in.
    4. Twitter: This setting is a direct action from Twitter. The connection to Twitter occurs when using or signing in to Twitter from other sources. For data connection purposes
    5. Google+: This a direct setting from Google+. where the connection with Google+ occurs when active or signed in to Google+: from other sources for the purpose of data connections
    6. Google Ads: for the purpose of displaying advertisements relevant one.
  5. If you want to delete cookies embedded in your device, this can be done as follows:
    for PC or browser that is being used: Press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE at the same time, but if this method does not work in the browser page Try visiting the support page of that browser. However, our website may not be fully functional if the cookie is deleted.
  1. Lost or Stolen Information
    1. You must promptly notify us if your credit card, is lost, stolen or used without permission. In this case we will consider cancelling the information in our system and record the case of occurrence.
  1. Restricting the use of your Information
    1. Our users will be given the opportunity to ‘cancel’ the right to use the information of users for purposes that are not directly related to the order, processing, compliance or shipping while we request information. If you wish to cancel and do not allow us to send information that we think you may be interest in, such as product information, sample products and advertising from us from the Website, you can notify us by emailing us at: [].
  1. Access, Correction and Deletion of Data
    1. Upon access to the Website using the contact information stated in s 10, EnerGaia shall contact you
  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy
    1. EnerGaia may change the privacy policy at any time without notice. However, we will try our best to inform you in advance before making any changes. EnerGaia will notify users about such changes when accessing the website. You agree that the use of the Website after the change of the privacy policy deems acceptance and consent to the new policy.
  1. Disclosure required by law
    1. We may disclose your personal information as required by law or if we believe that the disclosure of that information is necessary to comply with the law, court order or legal process enforced by EnerGaia.
    2. We may disclose information for the benefit of research, education or statistics for public interest and have kept personal identification information confidential for that purpose.
  2. Inquires
    1. For any inquires regarding EnerGaia’s Privacy Policy, you are welcome to contact the team at [].