Premium Spirulina FRESH PASTE


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Spring Spirulina fresh paste comes in it’s raw and natural state. A true superfood with LIVE culture ready to be absorbed by your body to give you energy and vitality. It is full of protein and essential vitamins and minerals that humans need to survive and thrive!

Fresh paste also has a very mild taste that has been described by food scientists as a fusion of baby carrots, broccoli and the umami taste from a protein rich food.


100% Spirulina, and that’s all.

Serving suggestions

Eat it straight from the spoon or spread over bread with butter. Spice up your breakfast by mixing with scrambled eggs, onion and tomato. Add it into your main meals by rolling it up in green cabbage leaf with cilantro, blend with spaghetti as a fresh green sauce or mix with avocado or olive oil as a dressing for a super healthy salad. Make snacking healthier by using it as dip for carrots sticks and celery or add it to a smoothie with banana and kale. You can even create a green dessert by mixing with coconut cream, raw egg and banana or simply mix into your favourite ice cream.

Delivery notice

Please be aware that due to the short shelf life of fresh paste, its delivery will be subject to harvesting times. This is to make sure we can give you the freshest, tastiest spirulina paste we can.

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